Attorney James A Saraceni

James A Saraceni is an effective Norwalk CT criminal defense attorney who has served in multiple areas throughout the span of Connecticut. His specialization lies in criminal defense, domestic violence, divorce, and child support.

Attorney Saraceni has practiced law since 1996 and is a professional authority in legal matters in Fairfield County. He has helped clients from the state, especially from Norwalk, achieve emotional and financial security by giving proper attention to each case and helping clients through a free consultation period, availability for personal meetings after working hours, and putting his over two-decades-long law experience to use.

His approach is engineered for faster and better results well within affordable rates. Clients under him get lawful protection and defending of their rights. His work has successfully achieved reduction of penalties, reduction in the severity of punishments, and elimination of charges from criminal records, among many other realizations.

An attorney is highly recommended for presenting your case. There’s a good chance that you don’t know a lot of stuff that can be used in your favor. And the help of an appointed prosecutor is really not worth it -- they have tons of work and they can’t pay special attention to individual cases.

In that light, just imagine how good the company of an experienced attorney will be for you. Not only Mr. Saraceni will ease the navigation through the legal hurdles, but he will also be there at each stage to provide you with quality support and advice as to how you should approach the situation and plan your future course of action.

Mr. Saraceni’s effectiveness is further proven by the compassion in his service and his reliability that’s been commended all over the state. Additionally, there are case evaluations and flexible appointment scheduling available for everyone. Payment plans are crystal clear and personalized attention is guaranteed.

Mr. Saraceni is not just for full-blown court appearances and development of a strong case over weeks. If you have a quick question about some problem you’re facing, feel free to contact him.

A pro at Avvo with a decent rating relative to other lawyers in the field, Mr. Saraceni provides great service to his clients and helps them win cases. He’s very active on social media as well, giving out valuable legal advice that can be crucial for you, even if you’re not entangled in legal stuff.

It’s really easy to get out of troubled waters if you have the right attorney. James A Saraceni will help you achieve success in your case. Contact today for a free consultation at 203-853-2700!

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