Criminal Defense Attorney Norwalk CT

Criminal Defense Attorney Norwalk CT

Being convicted of a Criminal Offense can have an effect on you personally as well as your reputation in the community. Your personal freedom can be limited, your finances can be affected and even where you are allowed to live can become an issue. If you are facing a Criminal Offense and need a Norwalk CT criminal defense attorney, the Law Office of James A. Saraceni, LLC is here to assist you.

Criminal defense is unlike other matters -- divorce, child support, etc. It demands much greater practice from the attorneys who work in this field. In Norwalk, CT, the criminal defense scene is quite on the weak front. However, if you go through this article then you’ll know all there is to get yourself a good case. A good attorney will help you sail painlessly through the legal complications.

Let us talk about how much does it cost to hire a criminal defense attorney, what exactly a criminal defense attorney will do for you, and finally the things to know before hiring one as well as the importance of a free initial consultation.

But before all that, let’s go over why do you need a criminal defense attorney in the first place in Norwalk.

Why do you need a criminal defense attorney?

Getting arrested or charged with a crime can be a major dent in your life. It can hinder future job opportunities, bitter your relationships, get you the stain of a criminal record, and most of all there’s the risk of personal damage from jail time.

A criminal defense attorney will help explain the rights you have, most of all. Having a criminal defense attorney by your side at the time of being charged with a crime or being arrested is a quality investment you should make as soon as possible. It’s beneficial on all fronts.

It can get you a plea or dismissal. It can also reduce your jail time or the severity of other punishments as well as collateral consequences. Criminal defense attorneys like myself also have connections with expert witnesses and investigators. This comes in handy many times.

They are the people who can argue for you whether you’re convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony. And of course, if you have a choice, then you should be hiring an attorney for the knowledge of law and experience of handling criminal cases he or she has gathered, instead of representing yourself.

How much does it cost to hire a criminal defense lawyer?

A criminal defense attorney will either charge hourly or provide an arrangement where you pay a flat fee. The flat fees can range from $1,500 to $3,000 mostly depending upon the representation of the attorney required. If trials are concerned, the prices are on the higher end.

It also depends on the experience of the attorney.

Criminal defense attorneys in Norwalk can charge up to $150 per hour if they work on an hourly basis. It can be good if the case will close swiftly. Most well practiced lawyers would be able to put up an estimate for you regarding the range of hours it can take. If there are no estimates and you’re not fully sure about the case concluding swiftly, don’t hire such an attorney.

What exactly will a criminal defense attorney do?

The Federal government and the Connecticut government both provide certain protections to those charged with crimes. The most crucial duty a criminal defense attorney does is making sure the person charged gets all those protections that are legally provided and rightfully deserved for a lawful proceeding.

On top of that, the core aim of a criminal lawyer is to help the person charged avoid or reduce time in prison or severe penalties. Attorneys also work towards striking a plea bargain with the other party.

There’s also the lack of confidence an accused person feels. An attorney can channel his skills and get things done without feeling embarrassed or threatened by society while presenting cold, hard facts and truths. They also help you out by invoking various different institutions to modify your jail term from a full-jail term to a part-jail part-institution term if you’re found guilty.

Not trying to position myself unfairly, but Mr. Saraceni has been practicing law for 20 years and has a in-depth knowledge of criminal law in Norwalk. As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Saraceni has done clients a great deal of help over the years, but he's seen many lawyers constantly failing at the task.

The things to know before hiring a criminal defense attorney and the importance of a free initial consultation

Free consultation with the attorney will help you in learning whether you’ve chosen the right lawyer or not. It helps you better explain your situation, while also helping the attorney to learn more about your particular situation.

This is one of the plus points of hiring an attorney instead of going with a public prosecutor. Public prosecutors have too much work on their plate that they fail to give any commendable special attention to individual cases.

Now, the things you should know about a criminal defense attorney before hiring him or her:

  • How many cases of your nature has the attorney handled?
  • What’s the complete fee structure and the payment options the attorney offers?
  • How many years has the attorney practiced and how many jury representations has he or she made?
  • Does he or she reference the work out to other lawyers? If yes, then how much of it?

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